10 Sep 2009

Hijacker claimed to be on divine mission

9:34 pm on 10 September 2009

Mexican police have freed more than 100 people unharmed after a jet flying from Cancun to Mexico City was hijacked by a man claiming to be on a divine mission.

Bolivian-born Jose Flores Pereira threatened to blow up the plane unless he could warn Mexican President Felipe Calderon of an "impending earthquake", the BBC reports.

Mr Flores told flight attendants on the Boeing 737 that a canned drink he had was a bomb.

Police stormed the Aeromexico plane after it had landed in Mexico City and women and children were allowed off.

Several people were initially arrested and taken away in handcuffs as Mr Flores said he had accomplices, but police later said there had been only one hijacker and no bombs on board.

Flores had told flight attendants that he had three accomplices, "the Father, Son and Holy Ghost".