15 Aug 2011

Killer taken back to Utoeya island

6:09 am on 15 August 2011

The man who carried out the Oslo massacres in Norway has returned with the police to the island of Utoeya to stage a reconstruction of his actions.

The Verdens Gang newspaper published a photograph of Anders Behring Breivik posing as if aiming a gun at someone in the water trying to swim away.

VG said he was taken to Utoeya at about 2pm on Saturday.

Norwegian prosecutor Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby said the accused described the killings in detail during his eight hours on the island, where a Labour Party youth summer camp was being held.

Lawyer Geir Lippestad was quoted as saying police had filmed the reconstruction to use in evidence and that his client remembered in detail each shot he fired and every person he had killed.

Police later said the accused showed no remorse.

Sixty nine people died on the island on 22 July. Eight others were killed in a bomb attack in Oslo a few hours earlier.

At a court appearance on 25 July, Breivik, 25, admitted carrying out the attacks. He denies any criminal guilt.

The government has set up a commission to examine the attacks, including investigating whether police reacted too slowly to the shootings at Utoeya.

On Friday, Mr Lippestad said his client called police 10 times during the shootings to try to turn himself in, but that eight were not answered. The police have not commented.