16 Aug 2011

Review of social policies announced in UK

8:36 am on 16 August 2011

Britain has announced a major review of the country's social policies in order to tackle the underlying issues behind last week's riots.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a review of all social policies - from welfare, to schooling to health - to ensure they are pro-family and do not undermine family values.

He also vowed to turn around the lives of the 120,000 most troubled families in Britain and declared an ''all-out war'' on gang culture.

In a speech at a youth club in his constituency in Witney on Monday, Mr Cameron said he wanted to mend a broken society.

He said the riots were a wake-up call and social problems festering for decades had now blown up in Britain's face.

The ABC reports he blamed a range of factors, including poor parenting, poor schooling and a "slow-motion moral collapse".

''This is a problem that has deep roots in our society and it's a job for all of our society to fix it,'' he said.

''Do we have the determination to confront the slow-motion moral collapse that has taken place in parts of our country these past few generations?''

Children as young 11 joined the four-day frenzy of looting, arson and violence which started in London on 6 August and spread to other major cities including Manchester and Birmingham.

More than 2300 people have been arrested, but Mr Cameron said that the ''security fight-back must be matched by a social fight-back''.

He said the coalition government would in the coming weeks review ''every aspect of our work to mend our broken society''.