17 Aug 2011

Goods, services and incomes rated by new app

10:14 am on 17 August 2011

A new iPhone application launched by Swiss bank UBS allows users to obtain up-to-date international comparisons of a range of goods, services and incomes.

According to the application, corporate heads in Zurich, Geneva and Sydney are the best paid in the world after taxes.

It says the head of a production department with a staff of around 100 will earn an average of 95,000 Swiss francs per year in Zurich, compared to 73,000 francs in Geneva and 64,000 francs in Sydney.

In a statement, UBS said Oslo, Zurich and Geneva were the most expensive cities in the world among the 73 surveyed, based on a basket of 122 goods and services.

Tokyo was the sixth most expensive city, Sydney was the seventh, Paris was 12th, New York 14th. and Londonwas the 15th.