18 Aug 2011

New flooding in southern Pakistan

9:23 am on 18 August 2011

New flooding in southern Pakistan now affects at least 700,000 people. About 60,000 have been forced from their homes.

Villages have been flooded and crops destroyed in Sindh province - known as Pakistan's bread basket.

Sindh was one of the worst-hit areas in the floods that affected 21 million people a year ago.

Tens of thousands of people are still living in emergency camps and the British charity Oxfam has accused Pakistan of failing to invest in prevention measures, making it vulnerable to further disaster.

Badin district chief administrator Kazim Jatoi said the army and navy were using helicopters and boats to rescue people who are trapped by the latest floods.

He said relief camps had been set up in 150 schools, but there was an urgent need for tents and food.