29 Aug 2011

US dubious about Fiji roadmap, leaked cable shows

10:30 pm on 29 August 2011

United States diplomats have described the Fiji interim government's roadmap to democracy as a plan that leads nowhere.

A cable from the American embassy in Suva leaked to whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks reveals the diplomats' thoughts on the roadmap announced by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama in 2009.

The embassy noted Commodore Bainimarama's plans to establish a new constitution by September 2013 and to lead the Pacific nation to elections the following September, Radio New Zealand International reports.

But US diplomats felt the roadmap confirmed that Commodore Bainimarama plans to hold onto power for as long as possible.

They said they would continue their policy of engaging with all parties in Fiji to promote genuine dialogue to speed up the nation's return to democracy.