31 Aug 2011

Turf war in south-west Sydney

1:11 pm on 31 August 2011

New South Wales attorney general Greg Smith says there's a war going on in south-west Sydney, but tougher penalties for drive-by shootings are not the answer.

In the latest incident, on Monday night, two cars exchanged at least a dozen shots at an intersection in Greenacre, in the city's west.

Two stray bullets hit the front of a house while a family was inside.

The ABC reports there have been at least 10 shooting incidents in the past few weeks alone.

Police believe many of the incidents are linked.

Opposition Leader John Robertson says there is currently no specific offence for firing from a car, despite the high risk of someone being injured or killed.

Attorney-General Greg Smith says the government is reviewing crime penalties, but increased penalties ''cured nothing'' in the past.

Vehicles found

Meanwhile, police believe they have found the second car involved in Monday's shooting.

An abandoned Audi was discovered with bullet holes in it at Sydenham on Tuesday afternoon.

A stolen four-wheel drive thought to be the other vehicle used was found burnt out at Wiley Park soon after the shots were fired.