26 Sep 2009

Acting premier wants teenager's solo voyage called off

8:02 pm on 26 September 2009

Acting Queensland Premier Paul Lucas has appealed to the family of teenage sailor Jessica Watson to call off her round-the-world solo voyage, after a report suggested she was inadequately prepared.

The 16-year-old's yacht, Ella's Pink Lady was in a collision with a 63,000-tonne cargo vessel off North Stradbroke Island, 30km southeast of Brisbane, 17 days ago.

A Maritime Safety report into the collision says Ms Watson kept irregular entries of her position.

It also said she most likely "dozed off" before the cargo vessel hit her yacht and that she had not turned on an alarm device that could have warned her of the approaching ship.

The teenager was heading to Sydney on a test run before attempting to break the record for the youngest person to sail solo around the world.