27 Sep 2009

UK Chancellor frustrated by Labour mood

12:08 pm on 27 September 2009

British Chancellor Alistair Darling has expressed his frustration at a collapse in Labour morale.

On the eve of the party's annual conference, he said in an interview in the Observer newspaper that the entire Labour hierarchy appears to have "lost the will to live".

In the interview published on Sunday, Mr Darling accused Labour - from the Prime Minister and himself down - of appearing to concede the advantage to the Conservatives without a fight.

"From the prime minister, the chancellor, every government minister. It is all our responsibilities," he said.

The BBC reports he likens the party to a losing football team who have allowed their heads to drop well before the final whistle.

"We don't look as if we have got fire in our bellies. We have got to come out fighting," he said.

Labour is trailing the Conservatives in the opinion polls.