4 Sep 2011

Bodies recovered from Chilean air crash

8:22 am on 4 September 2011

Officials in Chile say rescuers and fishermen have found bodies and aircraft wreckage following an air force plane crash in the Pacific Ocean.

The CASA 212 military plane, with 21 people on board, had disappeared near the remote Juan Fernandez islands on Saturday.

The aircraft had made two attempts to land, as heavy winds and sporadic rain hit the area.

A Chilean air force spokesperson says it appears to have been a violent accident which left no survivors.

He says the bodies of two men and two women have been found.

Among the passengers were five TVN national television staff members, including popular presenter Felipe Camiroaga.

The crew was planning to film a report about reconstruction on the islands after last year's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

The islands were one of areas worst affected by the quake.