29 Sep 2009

Supreme Court in Zimbabwe dismisses charges

6:02 am on 29 September 2009

The Supreme Court in Zimbabwe has ruled the government cannot prosecute a prominent human rights activist who has been in prison facing terrorism charges.

The BBC reports Jestina Mukoko was arrested last year, accused of plotting to overthrow the government of President Robert Mugabe.

She challenged the prosecution on the grounds that her abduction and torture in custody infringed her rights.

Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku dismissed the case against Ms Mukoko and nine other defendants.

Lawyers for Ms Mukoko told the court that she had been subjected to simulated drowning, locked in a freezer and beaten as the security forces tried to make her confess to plotting to overthrow Mr Mugabe.

The chief justice accepted their claims.

At least three others are still facing trial on the same charges.