10 Sep 2011

Another asylum seeker boat intercepted

6:14 am on 10 September 2011

Customs and border protection officials in Australia have confirmed the arrivalof another asylum seeker boat - the first since an asylum deal with Malaysia collapsed.

The High Court ruled against the government's asylum swap on 31 August.

The ABC reports the boat was intercepted off Christmas Island.

Seventy two passengers and two crew were being transferred to the island for health and security checks.

Opposition border protection spokesman Michael Keenan says there is no doubt those on board are aware Australia's border protection policy is in limbo.

''If we continue with this policy-free zone, then we're going to continue to give the green light to people smugglers to bring people to Australia illegally,'' he said.

The ABC reports that a new asylum seeker policy will go to Cabinet on Monday morning before going to a special caucus meeting.