4 Oct 2009

Voters in Ireland endorse EU Treaty

5:47 am on 4 October 2009

Voters in Ireland have approved the European Union's Lisbon Treaty to reform the organisation.

Votes are still being counted, but the BBC reports results show a clear majority for the "Yes" camp in a referendum on Friday.

Voters previously rejected the treaty 18 months ago.

The EU Commission called the result a "vote of confidence" in the EU.

The Treaty is seen as crucial to the European Union's future. It cannot take effect until all 27 member states ratify it.

The only other countries still to do so are the Czech Republic and Poland. But the parliaments of both countries have approved it.

The treaty creates new post of EU President (President of European Council).

More decisions will be taken by majority vote, rather than unanimity.

The treaty has taken a decade of negotiations and was intended to take effect in January 2009.