11 Sep 2011

French woman rescued from pirates

11:45 am on 11 September 2011

A French hostage has been rescued from pirates off Yemen and her captors detained by a Spanish warship, but a second hostage is missing.

SPS Galicia intercepted a skiff on Saturday, two days after the hostage's catamaran was found.

In a statement, NAVFOR, the EU anti-piracy force, said the hostage was freed and all the pirates detained.

Spain's defence ministry said seven pirates had been detained.

The Galicia tracked the skiff after a distress call was received from the catamaran, which was found abandoned.

The BBC reports that after the skiff ignored an order to stop, the commander of the Galicia ordered his men to open fire, disabling the boat's engine.

Somali pirates currently hold at least 30 vessels and their crews