4 Oct 2009

$3 million aid from EU

12:17 pm on 4 October 2009

The European Union has committed $3 million to help Samoa recover from the aftermath of the tsunami and says it will consider giving more, if there is a need.

EU Director for Pacific Development and Relations Roger Moore told the Q + A programme on TV One on Sunday that a recovery expert is already in Samoa with $NZ300,000 to help with food, water and other basic necessities.

Mr Moore said talks were being held with authorities in Samoa to find out what's needed to help them decide how the $3 million will be spent.

Meanwhile, the National Disaster Council in Samoa says there is no shortage of emergency aid coming in.

It says New Zealand, Australia, the United States, China and even Tokelau have been generous with aid.

The council says manpower, machinery, helicopters and food and clothing are being widely distributed throughout affected areas.

It says where the aid is going is being closely monitored, because a situation is not wanted where some villages are receiving too much and others none.