24 Sep 2011

Chavez says chemotherapy successful

4:17 pm on 24 September 2011

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has returned home from Cuba after having what he says was a successful final round of chemotherapy for cancer.

"I feel like I have been born again," he said on his arrival in the capital Caracas.

Mr Chavez, 57, had surgery in Cuba to remove a tumour from his pelvic region in June, and has since had four sessions of chemotherapy, the BBC reports.

He says his condition will not stop him standing for re-election in October next year.

While in Havana for treatment Mr Chavez held talks with his close allies Cuban President Raul Castro and his brother Fidel.

The left-wing leader has governed Venezuela since 1999 and says he wants to remain president until 2025.

"I am going to continue assuming my government work at an adequate pace, leading the government, leading the state, leading the revolutionary movement," he said.

Secrecy over the exact nature of his cancer has fuelled speculation that his condition may be worse than officially stated.