1 Oct 2011

Four rescued after plane hits ferris wheel

8:36 pm on 1 October 2011

Four people have been rescued. uninjured, after an ultra-light plane crashed into a ferris wheel at a festival on the New South Wales coast in Australia.

Two children who were on the wheel at the time were the first to be brought down.

The two people trapped in the plane - which was dangling from the big wheel - were brought down some time later.

The plane was taking off a grass airstrip and failed to get enough altitude to clear the ferris wheel, which was recently placed at the southern end of the strip for the local festival.

The plane was leaking aviation fuel and emergency services sprayed the plane and the ferris wheel with foam to prevent it catching fire.

The ABC quotes one eyewitness who was watching the aircraft take off from a viewing platform as saying: "I thought 'Christ he's low, he's coming in low over that' and next thing bang he went straight into it."

"And the only thing that stopped anything else happening was a support bar of the ferris wheel - that sort of went in between the struts of the wing," she says.