4 Oct 2011

Premiere held of Harrison documentary

1:40 pm on 4 October 2011

The surviving Beatles have paid tribute to George Harrison at the London premiere of a new documentary about his life, by Martin Scorsese.

George Harrison: Living In The Material World, will receive a limited cinematic release, before being shown on the BBC in Britain and on HBO in the United States.

Sir Paul McCartney called the guitarist, who died in 2001, "a great man" and "an all-round good boy".

Scorsese has already made films about Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones.

He told the BBC he had been drawn to tell Harrison's story because of the outlook of his lyrics.

''For years, his music seemed to be dealing with themes that I connected with,'' he said.

''I found comfort in them and a hope and a special experience listening to his music. I was fascinated by him.''

The BBC reports the film is in two parts - first chronicling the Beatles' rise to fame, and then documenting the solo years when Harrison juggled music with philanthropic work and a career as a movie impresario.

Scorsese said it had been made possible by Harrison's widow, Olivia, who opened the family archive of photos, home videos and personal effects.

She told the BBC it had been ''hard to part with'' elements of the archive, ''but they finally convinced me it was OK''.

The London premiere was partnered with a charity screening in Harrison's hometown of Liverpool.