24 Oct 2009

Philippines creates climate change commission

10:53 am on 24 October 2009

The president of the Philippines has signed a law creating a national climate body designed to help the storm-devastated country better prepare for natural disasters.

President Gloria Arroyo will head the Climate Change Commission, which will draft an action plan to mitigate and prepare for the effects of climate change.

"Under this climate change commission, we will make 'global warming' and 'climate change' household words because after (tropical storms Ketsana and Parma), the people can see we are all affected," said Congressman Juan Miguel Zubiri on Friday, one of the lawmakers behind the move.

The two storms that hit the Philippines in the past month killed about 1000 people and caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

Earlier this month, Mrs Arroyo said the Philippines deserved preferential loans and other financial help to recover from Parma and Ketsana because it had become a victim of climate change.