29 Oct 2009

Kidnapped children rescued in China

10:06 am on 29 October 2009

Police in China say they have recovered more than 2000 children in a six-month campaign against human trafficking.

The Ministry of Public Security has set up a website with pictures of 60 children, in the hope of returning them to their families. They range from babies to young adults.

The BBC reports the 2,008 rescued children are from across China, and some have already been reunited with their parents. The ministry says some were kidnapped years ago.

Criminal gangs steal the children and sell them to childless couples. Children of poor farmers or migrant workers are often targeted.

State media have reported a number of arrests in recent months, including 42 suspects last week for selling 52 children in the north of China.

The BBC reports baby boys are especially prized. They sometimes sell for as much as $US6000. Girls sell for $US500.