13 Oct 2011

US claims plot to kill Saudi ambassador

12:45 pm on 13 October 2011

The United States says it has broken up a major terror plot in which agents linked to Iran sought to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to Washington.

Two men originally from Iran - one a naturalised US citizen - have been charged with counts of conspiracy, Attorney-General Eric Holder says. One has reportedly confessed, while the other remains at large in Iran.

Mr Holder says the plot was conceived in Iran by the Quds force, which is part of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Tehran will be held accountable. The plot would have been carried out with explosives, he says, though no explosives were ever put in place and the public was not in danger.

The US state department has listed Iran as a "state sponsor" of terror since 1984.

Iran has vehemently denied involvement with the plot, which the official Islamic Republic News Agency calls a "propaganda campaign" by the US government against Tehran.