17 Nov 2009

Chinese, US leaders in accord against protectionism

8:35 pm on 17 November 2009

Chinese President Hu Jintao, speaking at a joint news conference with US President Barack Obama, said their two countries must shun protectionism.

Mr Hu said he stressed to Mr Obama that their countries must reject economic protectionism.

Mr Hu said the two sides would continue to have consultations "on an equal footing to properly resolve economic and trade frictions".

The BBC reports he spoke after a summit with Mr Obama at Beijing's Great Hall of the People on Tuesday.

Both leaders also said they had agreed measures on climate change and nuclear proliferation in the Korean peninsula.

Before the closed-door meeting began Mr Obama, who is on his first tour of Asia, said strong dialogue was important not only for the US and China, but for the rest of the world.

Mr Hu said he looked forward to having an in-depth relationship.