6 Nov 2011

Fiji holiday boycott being considered by ACTU

7:14 am on 6 November 2011

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is considering asking Australians to boycott travel to Fiji, where another union leader has been arrested.

Foreign minister Kevin Rudd has confirmed the arrest of Felix Anthony, the second leader of the Fiji Trades Union Congress to be arrested in as many weeks.

The ABC reports FTUC president Daniel Urai was arrested last week. Neither man has been charged.

The Australian government says trade unionists and other political opponents are being targetted in Fiji.

ACTU president Ged Kearney says the military government there needs to be pressured into restoring human rights.

''We have heard stories of harassment, of beating, of bullying, this is getting very very serious indeed," she said.

''We are considering actually as a movement asking Australians to consider other places in the Pacific to go for their holidays rather than Fiji.''