13 Nov 2011

Ecclestone confident on next Bahrain Grand Prix

5:50 am on 13 November 2011

Formula One president Bernie Ecclestone says next year's Bahrain Grand Prix will be held.

Bahrain is scheduled for April 22 next year, but many in Formula One are doubtful about the likelihood of that happening.

This year's event was cancelled due to civil unrest, but Ecclestone says it's solid for 2012.

"It's on the calendar and we are going to be there," he said.

However, he said next year's scheduled US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, is looking doubtful,

Ecclestone, 81, said the problem with the Austin race came down to a clash between the parties involved in building the circuit and promoting the race.

''I've said: 'you guys have got to fall in love. Get married'," he said.