15 Nov 2011

Second space docking for Chinese spacecraft

9:29 am on 15 November 2011

China has completed its second space docking, as it moves closer towards fulfilling its ambition to set up a manned space station.

The move comes 12 days after the Asian nation successfully completed its first ever "kiss" in space, when the Shenzhou VIII spacecraft joined onto the Tiangong-1 experimental module 343 kilometres above the Earth.

The two unmanned vehicles had been travelling together since the successful manoeuvre on 3 November.

On Monday, Shenzhou VIII disengaged from Tiangong-1 for half an hour before redocking with the module, the state Xinhua news agency says.

China aims to complete construction of a space station by 2020, a goal that requires it to perfect docking technology - a delicate manoeuvre that the Russians and Americans successfully completed in the 1960s.

The technique is hard to master because the two vessels, placed in the same orbit and revolving around the Earth at thousands of kilometres per hour, must come together very gently to avoid destroying each other.