16 Nov 2011

Wall St protesters return to New York park

10:30 pm on 16 November 2011

Hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protesters have returned to a downtown park in New York, but are not allowed to pitch tents or use generators.

Protesters with backpacks and large bags were not allowed inside.

A judge rejected their attempt to restart the occupation following their eviction overnight, when riot police arrested about 70 people. Tents and property were also removed, the BBC reports.

Lawyers for the protesters had argued the authorities should have obtained a court order before evicting them from the park, which they had occupied since mid-September.

Police arrested about 200 people in a surprise pre-dawn raid and later detained several journalists.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the move was prompted by public health and safety concerns.

Radio New Zealand's correspondent in New York says they have promised to continue their action regardless.