19 Nov 2011

Warmer planet means more extreme weather likely

2:38 pm on 19 November 2011

Scientists say the risk from extreme weather events is likely to increase if the world continues to warm.

A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said it was "very likely" that emissions had led to an increase in daily maximum temperatures.

It added that emissions had also led some regions experiencing longer and more intense droughts.

The International Panel on Climate Change has accepted the report in a meeting in Kampala, Uganda

A summary stated: "Extreme events are rare, which means there are few data available to make assessments regarding changes in their frequency or intensity."

However, it added: "There have been statistically significant trends in the number of heavy precipitation events in some regions."

The BBC reports the next assessment report is scheduled to be published in late 2013/2014. The first segment is scheduled to be released mid-September 2013.

NIWA concerned

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research chief scientist David Wratt of New Zealand says the data shows that some coastal cities experience economic losses more often because of flooding.

Dr Wratt says the report will help countries improve their environmental policy and planning for extreme weather events.