9 Dec 2009

Climate change talks frustrating and slow - NZ official

10:15 am on 9 December 2009

A New Zealand Government official says progress inside the Copenhagen climate change talks is frustrating and slow.

The second day of the conference has ended in the Danish capital.

United Nations Climate Change secretariat head Yvo de Boer says negotiators need to come up during the next week with solid proposals to form the basis of an agreed outcome.

New Zealand Climate Change Ambassador Adrian Macey says they have been trying to make a transition to actually working on the text of an agreement.

But he says what's actually happening is parties trying to position themselves before any drafting actually happens.

While many of the larger developing countries have made public announcements about their emissions reductions targets, Mr Macey says they have not yet been formally tabled.

Bangladesh bid

Meanwhile, Bangladesh says it should get at least 15% of any annual aid money that rich nations pledge to help developing countries cope with climate change.

Millions of people in Bangladesh are threatened by a rise in sea levels and the melting of glaciers in the Himalayas.