28 Nov 2011

Nuclear train protestors cleared from route

5:44 pm on 28 November 2011

Police in Germany have cleared thousands of protesters who were trying to block a trainload of nuclear waste.

Protesters had blocked the tracks near the site in northern Germany where the spent nuclear fuel is to be stored.

The 150 tonnes of uranium, originally from German nuclear plants, is being moved in 11 containers from Normandy, France, where it was reprocessed.

It is the last of 12 such shipments from France because of a German move away from nuclear power.

About 20,000 police have been deployed along the German route of the train, which left north-western France on Wednesday. The BBC said 1300 people were reportedly detained.

Chancellor Angela Merkel said after the Fukishima disaster in Japan that all nuclear plants in Germany would be closed by 2022.