1 Dec 2011

LSE denies selling PhD to Gaddafi's son

9:51 pm on 1 December 2011

One of Britain's leading universities, the London School of Economics, has denied selling a doctorate to Saif Gaddafi, a son of the former Libyan leader.

Interim director of the LSE Judith Rees was responding to the results of an independent inquiry.

She says the investigation found no evidence that the qualification had been bought.

The BBC reports the inquiry, by Lord Chief Justice Lord Woolf, strongly criticises the university for a chapter of failures in its links with the Gaddafi regime.

It criticises as "naive" and "unfortunate", the university's acceptance of a £1.5 million donation from a charity run by Saif Gaddafi just weeks after it had awarded Saif Gaddafi his PhD, giving the impression he had "purchased his degree".

Questions have been raised as to whether the PhD thesis he submitted was his own work and the BBC says there is evidence in the report he did get quite a lot of work from outside and that there could have been plagiarism or ghost writing.