4 Dec 2011

British soldier jailed for bayoneting Afghan boy

12:15 pm on 4 December 2011

A British soldier has been jailed for 18 months for bayoneting a 10-year-old boy in Afghanistan, the British defence ministry says.

Daniel Crook of the Grenadier Guards stabbed Ghulam Nabi in March last year while on patrol in southern Helmand province, where Britain's 9500 troops in Afghanistan are based.

At his court-martial in June this year, the ABC reports, Crook was dismissed from the British Army. He will serve his sentence in a military prison.

The court-martial heard he had drunk a "considerable quantity of vodka" the night before the incident - so much so that he had to be treated by medics.

The following day, when his unit went on patrol, Crook was pestered by Ghulam Nabi for chocolate.

Prosecutors said the guardsman then "took hold of the boy's shoulder and stabbed him in the region of his kidneys with his bayonet".

No apology received, says father

The boy's father, Haji Shah Zada, has told the British newspaper the Guardian that he received $800 in compensation but no apology.

He says his son is still suffering and has not yet returned to school, as he struggles with the distance.

He says British troops were in Afghanistan to "build the country and remove insurgents, not to stab a child".