5 Dec 2011

Afghanistan's future on conference agenda

9:16 pm on 5 December 2011

Delegates from 90 countries are meeting in Germany on Monday for a conference on Afghanistan's future.

Pakistan is boycotting the conference in Bonn after NATO air strikes last month killed 24 of its soldiers, the BBC reports. NATO apologised for the attack.

Nevertheless, it says it still supports the political process taking place there.

The conference comes 10 years after a similar gathering held in the city weeks after the Taliban fell from power.

Organisers want to bolster long-term international engagement with Afghanistan and support efforts to restore security.

Former UN envoy to Afghanistan Lakhdar Brahimi says he argued 10 years ago in favour of immediate moves towards dialogue with the Taliban wgo were ousted by the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

"We should have tried to find out where they had gone and what they were thinking and if they were interested perhaps to see if we can make room for them."

Efforts to launch talks with the Taliban are under way, but have brought no tangible result so far.

Organisers had hoped that the Taliban excluded from a similar meeting after their fall from power 10 years ago would attend this conference.