24 Dec 2011

Fugitive eluded police again

8:10 am on 24 December 2011

An armed fugitive in New South Wales again eluded police this week.

The ABC reports two officers encountered suspected killer Malcolm Naden, 38, at a remote log cabin on Wednesday.

A man disappeared inside the cabin and then left the property.

Assistant Commissioner Carlene York says the two officers drew their guns, but made the right call not to fire on him.

Forensic teams later confirmed that fingerprints found at the cabin as well as a firearm belong to Naden, who is accused of murder and rape.

Naden, 38, has been at large for six years. He is accused of the murder of a woman at a house in West Dubbo in 2005.

The ABC reports he is also wanted for questioning about the disappearance of a female cousin from the same house and an indecent assault on a girl, aged 15.

The NSW Government is offering a reward of $A250,000 for information leading to Naden's capture and conviction.