3 Jan 2012

Former Fiji army colonel sceptical about law change

6:59 pm on 3 January 2012

The Fijian regime's promise to end martial law has been met with scepticism by a former Fiji army colonel.

The military leader Frank Bainimarama has announced that the country's restrictive emergency regulations will be lifted on Saturday.

But the ABC reports former army colonel, Tevita Mara, who fled Fiji in May while facing sedition charges, says the announcement is just window dressing.

He says the lifting of emergency regulations will not make any real difference because the regime has introduced new rules which have the same effect as the emergency laws.

"People are still being taken in, still being charged for sedition, for saying things against government", says Lieutenant Colonel Mara.

He says there won't be true freedom to the people until the army is recalled to the barracks and Commodore Bainimarama hands over the leadership to a civilian government.