5 Jan 2012

Sea Shepherd says vessels shadowed by Japanese security

8:11 pm on 5 January 2012

The captain of the Sea Shepherd conservation group's vessel Steve Irwin, says his boat and the damaged Brigitte Bardot have been followed on their journey to Western Australia by a Japanese security boat.

The Brigitte Bardot, with 10 crew on board, was chasing a Japanese whaling ship in six metre swells in the Southern Ocean as part of Sea Shepherd's anti-whaling campaign when a wave crashed into the port side of the vessel, cracking its hull.

Meanwhile, the conservation group's third ship, the Bob Barker - which has remained in the Southern Ocean monitoring Japanese whalers - confirmed its crew had been water-cannoned by a Japanese harpoon boat.

Australian Greens senator Bob Brown says the Australian Government should stand up to the Japanese fleet.