6 Jan 2012

Fiji's journalists should be responsible says media body

5:20 pm on 6 January 2012

The deputy chairperson of Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority is urging journalists to be responsible after martial law is lifted on Saturday.

The Public Emergency Regulations give the military and police extensive powers and were imposed in 2009, three years after Frank Bainimarama carried out a coup.

He announced on New Year's Day the emergency regulations would be lifted.

Matai Akauola of the Media Industry Development Authority says reporters must practice good journalism and shed any pre-conceived ideas or motives, if they want to avoid problems.

"From the media authority's perspective the ball is in the media's court, so to speak," said Mr Akauola.

I've been telling colleagues that, in the media decree, the code of ethics is there so if they adhere to the code of ethics then the media authority's just a shadow, it doesn't really have to be in their face."

Mr Akauola says the announcement the emergency regulations would be lifted, was a welcome surprise.