6 Jan 2012

Fiji's military leader brings back Public Order Act

7:11 pm on 6 January 2012

The military leader of Fiji has confirmed the country's public emergency regulations will be lifted but has reintroduced the Public Order Act.

Frank Bainimarama has used a military decree to bring back into force the Public Order Act, which was passed in 1969 ahead of Fiji's independence.

In a speech on Friday, he said the Act was being modernised and would be used to address terrorism offences against public order and safety, racial and religious vilification, hate speech and economic sabotage.

He says no-one detained under the Act will be detained for more than 14 days without being brought before a court.

Commodore Bainimarama announced on New Year's Day he wanted to remove the public emergency regulations, which he introduced three years after carrying out a coup in 2006.