8 Jan 2012

Islamist parties dominate election results

5:48 am on 8 January 2012

Latest results show the Muslim Brotherhood has won more than a third of the votes in the last stage of elections for Egypt's lower house of parliament.

The Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party list won 37.5% of the vote in the third and final stage of voting.

The party was banned under former President Hosni Mubarak, but emerged from last year's uprising with a well-organised support base.

Official results of the voting held this week are due on Saturday.

The Nour Party list came second in most districts. The ABC reports it seeks a strict application of Islamic law. The Brotherhood is seen as more moderate.

Islamist parties now look set to dominate the legislature and wield major influence over the drafting of a new constitution.

Freedom and Justice Party deputy head Essam al-Erian said there are 15 or 16 parties in the parliament so far.

''This means all voices will be heard in the parliament,'' he said at a party rally in a working class district of Cairo.

Polls for the upper house of parliament will follow later this month and conclude in February.