8 Jan 2012

State media in China critical of US focus on Asia-Pacific

11:45 am on 8 January 2012

State media in China have stepped up criticism of the new defence focus on the Asia-Pacific by the United States.

In a front page article in a Communist party newspaper, Rear Admiral Yi Yang accused America of being a troublemaker responsible for growing tensions in East Asia.

He said China and Iran were the targets when President Barack Obama said on Thursday that Washington will expand its military presence in Asia.

Analysts say the article must have been sanctioned at the highest level to be published so prominently.

In other media, Xinhua news agency in an editorial said the move could come as a welcome boost to stability and prosperity. But any US militarism could create ill will and endanger peace.

And the Global Times newspaper said Washington could not stop the rise of China and called on Beijing to develop more long-range strike weapons to deter the US navy.

The United States says Beijing has nothing to fear from the new strategy.