23 Jan 2012

70th anniversary of Holocaust planning conference

2:41 pm on 23 January 2012

Germany has marked the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference, where Nazi officials planned the 'Final Solution' - the systematic murder of millions of Jews during World War II.

Friday's ceremony was held at the villa on the Wannsee lake on the outskirts of Berlin, which is now a Holocaust memorial.

Deutsche Welle Radio reports that it was there that senior Nazi officials adopted the "Final Solution" on 20 January, 1942 - a plan approving the organisational details of how to register and transport Jews from across Europe to be killed in concentration camps.

President Christian Wulff referred to the plan as the "darkest chapter of German history" and called the memorial site "a place of German shame."

President Wulff said that remembering the Holocaust was a 'national duty'.

The memorial was opened as a museum in 1992.