6 Feb 2012

Egypt to prosecute foreign pro-democracy workers

10:56 am on 6 February 2012

At least 40 people working for pro-democracy and human rights groups in Egypt are to be put on trial, accused of operating illegally and receiving foreign funds to stir up unrest.

The BBC reports the decision will further damage relations between Egypt and the United States, as 19 Americans are among 43 individuals working for pro-democracy and human rights groups who will now face criminal charges.

The investigation into foreign funding of non-governmental organisations is directly linked to Egypt's continuing political turmoil.

The generals who have ruled for the past year since president Hosni Mubarak was outsted have repeatedly accused foreign hands of stirring up protests and trying to destabilise the north African country.

Mubarak to be moved to jail

Hosni Mubarak is to be moved to a prison for the first time since his arrest in April last year.

Reports say he will be transferred to a hospital inside Tora prison in Cairo as soon as it is ready to take him.

Mr Mubarak has been detained in a military hospital during his trial on charges that he ordered the killing of hundreds of protesters.

Protesters who clashed with police in Cairo last week demanding an end to military rule have long complained that the generals have been sparing their former commander the humiliation of prison by keeping him in a military hospital.