Scheduled Transmission Outages

In order to ensure the reliability of our terrestrial network we undertake periodic transmitter maintenance at each of our sites.

This page contains information about any scheduled outages.

Area Service Start Finish Duration Reason Alternatively listen to
Hawkes Bay RNZ National on 630 AM 24 Jul 12:05 am 24 Jul 5:00 am 4 hours Proof of Performance tests and maintenance.

101.5FM or to Sky Digital on CH421 or to Freeveiw on CH50 or at

Gisborne & Wairoa RNZ Concert on 97.3 FM 29 Jul 12:05 am 29 Jul 4:05 am 2 hours Proof of Performance tests & maintenance.

Sky Digital on CH422 or to Freeview on CH51 or at