28 Aug 2017

Election17: Why on earth should I care?

From Election17 - Backgrounders, 12:25 pm on 28 August 2017

Politics is pretty much a dirty word.

In fact there’s a book calling it just that, so the word won’t be mentioned again here because - let’s face it, either you don’t care or you don’t think it’s relevant.

So here’s the challenge: let’s do what strangers trying to mingle at a party would do and play a game to ease the awkwardness, get the trash-talk flowing and see if we can change your mind.

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Photo: RNZ / Demelza Leslie

Never have I ever (said the P word)

The game is simple; if you have done what is said then you drink.

It doesn’t have to be alcohol. You can play with water (get hydrated!) or copy Ellen Degeneres and play with lollipop signs and celebrities.

Got your liquid ready? Let’s warm up with a quick fire round.

Never have I ever:

Yes, these are all P-word issues.

Tipsy and ready for something with a bit more detail?

Never have I ever… drunk a glass of water

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It’s meta! Cos you know, we’re playing a drinking game... Anyway, water is a big issue, from quality, to the cost of using it, to swimming in it, to who profits off it. Accordingly, it’s discussed a lot by MPs:

So take a sip on that water (I’m sure it’s fine), and let’s move on.

Never have I ever... lived in a house

Your dwelling, whether you own it or rent it, is affected by those people in the chamber full of plush-looking green seats. Housing has been so over-talked about it’s almost as bad as the ‘P’ word but here are a few things that might de-glaze your eyes.

Never have I ever...thought about making a river a person

Thought it was about time we took a break from drinking. Chances are this one hasn’t crossed your mind, but Parliament actually did this earlier this year. Neat huh?

Another quick fire round on some of the more serious topics -

Never have I ever:

Little bit curious? Maybe softening to the idea that you do care about some of those P-word things? Yes? In that case, one last one: Never have I ever thought how on earth do I vote? Drink! And click here.