28 Oct 2010

Question Time for 28 October 2010

From Parliament - Live Stream and Question Time, 2:03 pm on 28 October 2010

Questions to Ministers 1. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister for Economic Development: What factors did the Prime Minister take into account when he agreed with Warner Brothers executives to change employment legislation in New Zealand? 2. KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister for Economic Development: What specific actions has he taken since becoming Minister for Economic Development to secure the New Zealand film industry? 3. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he agree with JP Morgan investment bank that "the recovery in New Zealand effectively has stalled"? 4. COLIN KING to the Minister of Research, Science and Technology: What recent announcements has he made that help businesses to undertake research and development? 5. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Minister of Transport: Have the views of 76 percent of the respondents in a scientific poll by the Herald on Sunday, who say they would not drive after drinking beyond an effective blood alcohol limit of 50 mg, caused him to reconsider his decision not to lower the adult blood alcohol limit for driving; if not, why not? 6. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Conservation: What steps is the Government taking to improve coastal management? 7. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Attorney-General: Why has the Government not done more to deal with the occupation of the Taipa Point public reserve by foreshore and seabed protesters? 8. KEITH LOCKE to the Minister for Economic Development: Why is his Government intending to change industrial relations law under urgency instead of through the normal parliamentary process? 9. BRENDON BURNS to the Minister of Health: Is he concerned at the report in yesterday's Press saying that 1 in 5 New Zealanders are drinking water that is unsafe or untested and that 5 of 12 hospitals and health services with their own drinking water supplies have failed to meet the minimum standards? 10. TODD McCLAY to the Minister of Tourism: What recent reports has he received on the value of tourism to the New Zealand economy? 11. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister of Housing: How much is in Budget 2010 for the acquisition of new state-owned houses and how does that compare to the $48 million in Budget 2007 for state house acquisitions? 12. MELISSA LEE to the Minister for Communications and Information Technology: What results have been achieved to date by the recent ICT trade delegation he led to China?