25 Aug 2010

Question Time for 25 August 2010

From Parliament - Live Stream and Question Time, 2:01 pm on 25 August 2010

Questions to Minister 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: When he told the House on 9 February that New Zealand taxes consumption at a relatively low rate, was he aware that New Zealand had the 6th highest rate of consumption taxation in the OECD as a percentage of GDP; if not, why not? 2. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister of Finance: What constraints, if any, does the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement place on the ability of the New Zealand Government to tighten the rules governing the sale of New Zealand land to overseas buyers? 3. AARON GILMORE to the Minister of Finance: Have New Zealand's after-tax wages been rising faster than prices? 4. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Has he ever ruled out compulsory KiwiSaver; if so, is that still his position? 5. MICHAEL WOODHOUSE to the Minister for ACC: What initiatives has the Accident Compensation Corporation undertaken to improve rehabilitation rates, and what reports has he received on the success of these programmes? 6. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by his statement"But when you are Minister of Health, part of making sure you know what is going on is making sure you are out there seeing things from a patient's perspective"? 7. HEKIA PARATA to the Minister of Education: What progress has been made on the Government's commitment to tackle school truancy? 8. Hon PETE HODGSON to the Minister of Defence: Did he raise concerns about the performance of the former Associate Minister of Defence with Hon Rodney Hide; if so, did he inform the Prime Minister about those concerns? 9. COLIN KING to the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture: What recent announcement has he made about the blue cod fishery in Marlborough? 10. CAROL BEAUMONT to the Minister of Labour: Does she agree with the statement in the Department of Labour's current Statement of Intent:"New Zealand's continued wealth will depend on the skills of its workers and how firms and industry support New Zealanders to work to their best potential. This is one of the biggest long-term challenges facing New Zealand's labour market and economy"? 11. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister of Justice: Is he confident he can reduce alcohol-related harm and youth binge drinking if the liquor and hospitality industries continue to spend $73 million a year promoting alcohol? 12. RAHUI KATENE to the Minister of Justice: What role did the alcohol industry play in ruling out an increase in excise duty bearing in mind the Ministry of Justice analysis notes"a rule of thumb is that a 10 percent price rise results in an approximately 5 percent decrease in consumption"?