24 Jun 2010

Question Time for 24 June 2010

From Parliament - Question Time, 2:00 pm on 24 June 2010

Questions to Ministers 1. KATRINA SHANKS to the Minister of Finance: What reports has he received on the economy? 2. Hon ANNETTE KING to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Does she stand by her statement that "people do have a right to privacy but they have in my opinion broken privacy deciding to go out there, put their names and faces to it as well in photos in the paper,"; if not, why not? 3. CHRIS AUCHINVOLE to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: What reports has he received on support for emissions trading schemes as an effective measure to reduce climate change? 4. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Prime Minister: When he said "there's always clarification of the rules and they're not always straightforward" in relation to Hon Christopher Finlayson on four occasions failing to declare a directorship he held, what did he find "not always straightforward" about the requirement to declare "the name of each company of which the member is a director"? 5. HEKIA PARATA to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What announcements has the Government made on Community Max? 6. Hon JIM ANDERTON to the Attorney-General: Is it Government policy to grant customary title in the entire Northland Coast from Mangonui up the Cape and down to the Hokianga Heads? 7. NIKKI KAYE to the Minister of Transport: What reports has he received on the safety ratings of New Zealand's state highways? 8. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister of Housing: Does he believe that all New Zealanders should have access to appropriate and affordable housing? 9. GARETH HUGHES to the Minister for the Environment: When did the Government become aware that radioactive uranium ore was being shipped through New Zealand ports and the exclusive economic zone for later use in nuclear reactors? 10. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her recent statement to the House that she has no responsibility for decisions that early childhood education services make, as a result of her removal of the subsidy for 80-100 percent qualified staff? 11. JOHN HAYES to the Minister of Conservation: What progress has been made regarding establishing the Game Animal Council? 12. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Transport: What recent reports has he received about concerns with transport systems?