20 Apr 2010

Question Time for 20 April 2010

From Parliament - Question Time, 2:50 pm on 20 April 2010

Questions to Ministers 1. Hon PHIL GOFF to the Prime Minister: Does he stand by his statement "New Zealand takes its international obligations seriously and does not support texts unless we are able to implement them"? 2. CRAIG FOSS to the Minister of Finance: What impact has Government policy had on recent movements in New Zealand Superannuation rates? 3. Hon DAVID CUNLIFFE to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that "it will probably be some time before individuals and families feel better off again"? 4. SHANE ARDERN to the Minister of Agriculture: What significant steps has the Government recently taken to progress the Global Research Alliance? 5. Hon RUTH DYSON to the Minister of Health: Does he stand by all his statements on health services? 6. JOHN BOSCAWEN to the Minister for Climate Change Issues: What will be the cost applied to the average dairy herd by the Emissions Trading Scheme from 1 July this year? 7. Hon DAVID PARKER to the Attorney-General: What will be the practical effect of the change to the approach for establishing customary title, in the Government's preferred option, in terms of its geographic extent compared with territorial customary rights under the Foreshore and Seabed Act? 8. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Prime Minister: Did he read the letter from the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society dated 3 December 2009 alerting him to the fact that the Minister of Agriculture had asked applicants for a Water Conservation Order on the Hurunui River to freeze their application; if so, when? 9. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Education: Is she aware of and does she understand the intended and unintended consequences of National Standards? 10. PESETA SAM LOTU-IIGA to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What recent improvements have been made to the national electricity grid? 11. Hon DARREN HUGHES to the Prime Minister: Does he expect all Ministers in his Government to comply with paragraph 4.53 of the Cabinet Manual; if so, what sanctions would he consider where a Minister failed to comply with this rule? 12. JO GOODHEW to the Minister of Education: When do nominations close for the 2010 school trustee elections?