24 Sep 2009

Question Time for 24 September 2009

From Parliament - Live Stream and Question Time, 2:27 pm on 24 September 2009

Questions to ministers 1. DAVID BENNETT to the Minister for Infrastructure: What steps is the Government taking to ensure productive infrastructure contributes to New Zealand's economic recovery? 2. Hon TREVOR MALLARD to the Minister of Education: What were the highlights of her international travel this year as Minister? 3. Dr JACKIE BLUE to the Minister of Health: Does he still stand by his policy to deliver better, sooner, and more convenient health care? 4. Hon MARYAN STREET to the Minister for Tertiary Education: Does she stand by her statement"Despite the significant economic challenges of these times, government has invested strongly in education."; if so, does she consider that to be true of the tertiary sector? 5. Dr KENNEDY GRAHAM to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: Why did New Zealand vote in January 2009 against United Nations General Assembly resolution 63/75 which called for an international agreement against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons, and against resolution 63/47 calling for measures for reducing nuclear danger; and will he instruct the delegation to support these resolutions if they are put forward again this year? 6. JACQUI DEAN to the Minister of Energy and Resources: What new initiatives has the Government developed for energy efficiency? 7. SUE MORONEY to the Minister of Education: Does she stand by her statement"Early childhood education and care is a top priority for this Government."? 8. COLIN KING to the Minister of Fisheries: Has he received any recent reports of compliance operations within the Ministry of Fisheries? 9. IAIN LEES-GALLOWAY to the Associate Minister of Health: Is she committed to reducing the number of young people who take up smoking in New Zealand; if so, what measures does she believe would achieve this? 10. HONE HARAWIRA to the Minister of Justice: He aha te whakaaro mo te whakatutanga o tetahi Kooti Taiohi ki te marae o Manurewa? Translation: What is the rationale behind establishing a Youth Court to sit at Manurewa marae? 11. Hon PETE HODGSON to the Minister responsible for Ministerial Services: Was the legal advice from the Department of Internal Affairs that he spoke of yesterday informed by any legal advice from the Office of the Clerk of the House; if so, what was the date of the advice from the Office of the Clerk of the House? 12. SANDRA GOUDIE to the Attorney-General: Does he stand by his observation that"some people contend that the overall standard of the bar, and particularly the criminal bar, is not high enough in New Zealand and is the reason why there are so many delays?