23 Sep 2008

Question Time for 23 September 2008

From Parliament - Question Time, 2:05 pm on 23 September 2008

QUESTIONS FOR ORAL ANSWER Tuesday, 23 September 2008 Questions to Ministers 1. Dr PITA SHARPLES to the Minister of Justice: What specific strategies has the Government initiated to improve the voter enrolment rate given this morning's reported comments by Kiwi Expat Association Chief Executive, Ivan Moss, who contends that there are about 750,000 missing voters, bringing the estimated enrolment rate down to 79 percent? 2. JOHN KEY to the Prime Minister: What is the status of the Rt Hon Winston Peters in her Ministry following yesterday's tabling of the report of the Privileges Committee? 3. Hon MARK GOSCHE to the Minister of Finance: Has he received any recent reports relating to investment in rail? 4. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Minister of Finance: Does he stand by his statement that "If, as some have suggested, New Zealanders are fleeing as tax exiles to Australia, one can only conclude that those individuals are functionally innumerate, and we are probably better off without them"; if so, why? 5. MARTIN GALLAGHER to the Minister of Trade: What progress is being made towards a free trade agreement with the United States? 6. ANNE TOLLEY to the Minister of Education: Does he stand by his statement that "Schools Plus articulates the goal of every young person being in education, skills development, or structured learning, relevant to their needs and abilities, until the age of 18"; if so, how many young people are currently not engaged in education, skills development or structured learning? 7. LYNNE PILLAY to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What Government initiatives come into force next week that will benefit New Zealanders? 8. SIMON POWER to the Minister of Justice: Has she asked the Prime Minister why there were no new justice policies mentioned in the Prime Minister's statement that "In the next few weeks I will be announcing significant new policies in critical areas such as health, education and housing"; if not, why not? 9. Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS to the Minister of Justice: Does she agree that the principles of British justice which have evolved in New Zealand still apply in New Zealand? 10. GERRY BROWNLEE to the Minister of State Services: Does he stand by his statement in June that "If State servants don't deliver services efficiently and effectively, people lose faith and trust in the State Services"? 11. JEANETTE FITZSIMONS to the Minister for Food Safety: Does she stand by her statement that "country-of-origin labelling does not serve a food safety purpose"; if so, why? 12. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by her statement in relation to the Electoral Finance Bill, "This bill does not restrict free speech."; if so, why?