7 Dec 2015

Online viewing picks of the week (7 December)

From Widescreen, 11:00 am on 7 December 2015

The best* online video we’ve been watching over the last seven days.

The big film about to be released on 18 December has been the topic of much speculation. Now there’s a leak!


Quentin Tarantino’s eighth feature film, The Hateful Eight, is released on Christmas Day in the US (21 January next year, here) and in this offering, Samuel L. Jackson explains what a ‘roadshow’ release is and why it is so important that the film goes out this way. Film nerds will appreciate that this behind-the-scenes video goes beyond the usual back-slapping “everyone was great to work with” clichés and gets into the nitty gritty of arcane lens technology. Bliss.

Unfortunately, the first 70mm preview screenings of the film have not gone without a hitch.


We’ve highlighted the remarkable little video essays from John Swinney (Fandor) before but this is something else, two minutes of doorways in film inspired by the finest doorway shot of all time in John Ford’s The Searchers:


Finally, the 2015 edition of Sleepy Skunk’s epic trailer mash-up – the perfect way to remind yourself of the films you missed this year (although you might have to freeze-frame they go by so fast):


[*May not be the actual best. We haven't watched the entire internet.]